Jennifer Hawkins has released a range of self-tanners, including spray and lotions. I have been so excited to try the products, because so far Jen has really delivered on every product she has a hand in. She is one amazing woman, and sure has been successful in every way. Love it!

Anyway, down to business! The first product I decided to try was the Face Flawless Tan. I don't actually own any self-tanners specifically for my face and thought this was a good place to start. Usually I avoid tanning my face, because if it goes wrong, it's hard to cover up! I also worry about products breaking me out.

The Face Flawless tan is a brown-coloured cream with a super strong fruity scent. It goes on smoothly, easily, and doesn't leave any coloured residue on the face. This is great if you plan on heading out after application! I find the best way for this to work is to apply before bed, so you can wake up and see the effects! Personally, it took me 2 nights before I saw any difference in the colour of my face. This is probably partially due to the fact that obviously I cleanse my face twice a day! So I was pretty happy with the result in terms of time. The other thing I love is that the cream doesn't cause any irritation to my skin! It actually leaves it lovely and soft, with a hint of bronze. I love the colour the tan gives, I'm normally a warm-based skin-tone, and I feel that the tan helps bring out a golden colour. It's super natural, no hints of orange at all. I have combination/oily skin, and I can happily say this is definitely non-greasy on me!

Probably the best aspect of this is that the tan is not over the top in any way. It is a really subtle effect, so if you want quite a dark colour, this may not be the product for you. The only thing that gets to me after a while is the scent. It is very strong. It's in no way unpleasant.. just potent. Another good point? I love the packaging! So simple. I love the various ingredients that go into this facial tan, the added antioxidants really make me feel good about using it on my skin.

This product comes in 30ml bottles, and retails for $24.95 at Priceline and at J Bronze. The range is also sold at various other Aussie locations including Chemist Warehouse. Check out www.jbronze.com.au to find out more! Jen Hawkins has got it all right (again!) and I can't wait to try out the rest of the products in the range. If you have tried them, let me know what you think!


  1. Just stumbled across your blog Bec, while trying to find some face tanning recommendations. AMAZING! You are fabulous and you have definitely found an avid follower here :) Amanda

    1. Wow thank you Amanda! Thanks for your kind comment :) X