I am a huge lover of Bondi Sands products, having featured their tanning mousse and tanning lotion on my blog previously. I stick with them because the products are very reasonably priced and the results are incredible. It may not suit everyone, but I love the deep olive tan that Bondi Sands gives me. The scent of each product is pleasant and the tans last beyond belief. This is a brand that comes under the "forever repurchased" category.

After tanning pretty religiously this summer and leading up to winter, I got a bit tired of keeping up the constant bronzed look. In winter I'm wearing more pants and long sleeves anyway, so my skin is usually covered up! This year, I have opted for Bondi Sands Everyday Gradual Tanning Milk. I use a moisturiser everyday so I figured, why not use a gradual tanning moisturiser?

This is a white lotion with a delicious cocoa scent. It is super hydrating for my skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth. The lotion absorbs really quickly and I haven't really needed to wait around for it to dry before dressing. The lotion contains ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E and is enriched with antioxidants to benefit your skin.

Over 12-24 hours, a really light bronze develops on my skin. I feel as though the tan could be darker, but this is perfect for when you just want a light, natural glow. After self-tanning, this is a fantastic moisturiser to use to prolong the tan and moisturise at the same time. 

This would be perfect for girls who want to ease into self tanning, or if you need something to use in-between tanning sessions. It's really difficult to make a mistake with this baby. This one is super light and natural, and doesn't look terribly obvious. The bottle is quite large and is convenient with its pump. Don't forget to wash your hands after use!

You can pick up this lotion for $17.95 from Bondi Sands or at Priceline

Do you use a gradual tanner?

Cheers! Bec x


  1. It's funny you posted this today because I was in Priceline earlier choosing which new tan to try out. I wasn't sure if I should get the Bondi Sands foam or lotion so I typed it in to google (as you do) and ended up reading all about it in your blog! Haha. I'm excited to try this new product now too :) xx

    1. Aww excellent! Both products are amazing haha but I tend to prefer the mousse now :) Yay hope it goes well for you! X

  2. I agree that this isn't really as dark as I expected but definitely a great product for girls wanting to ease their way into fake tanning. Great review :-)