My NARS collection is modest, but the brand itself has an amazing reputation and I am always keen to try more. I thought I'd share what I currently own, and why!

The All Day Luminous Foundation was a no-brainer when it released into Mecca stores earlier this year. This shade is Punjab and is an almost-perfect match for my natural skin colour. The foundation is ultra light but provides full on coverage. It is buildable and doesn't cake like you might expect. It does have a luminous finish, which is occasionally not ideal for my oily skin, but using a primer always helps. 

Two staples I picked up last year are the Laguna bronzer and Orgasm blush. These are cult classics all over the world and I adore both. As you can see, my Laguna has taken a real beating with everyday use. The finish is perfect, lasting power is unparalleled and the shade suits a huge range of skin tones. Orgasm is a peachy-rosegold shimmery shade that flatters and provides a subtle highlight. The colour is a favourite of mine, and again the lasting power is incredible. 

The last product I own is the Multiple in Luxor. Unfortunately this has been a slight disappointment; the product just doesn't seem to work for me. It's a beautiful iridescent pink highlighting shade, that is stunning but blends away to almost nothing on my cheeks, and I find it awkward to apply without shifting the makeup underneath. This one still needs some experimenting.

The Ita brush is also an amazing addition in my collection, so good for an easy contour around the edges of the face. I really like the size and shape of the handle, which makes it easy to hold and control.

I would love to pick up the new All Day Luminous Powder Foundation, as well as a few more blushes in Torrid and Lustre. The Audacious lipsticks look phenomenal all over Instagram. And I'm also going to need a new Laguna! 

What is your favourite NARS product? What are you dying to try?


  1. Ooh thanks for the tips Daniela! Will definitely have to try out the concealer because I have never heard a bad thing about it! Definitely plan on picking up some blushes and lipsticks at some stage.. when my wallet can handle it! X

  2. I only have a couple of NARS things, but definitely want to pick up more. I really want one of their blushes, but can't decide on a shade! Love the new blog theme btw :)

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  3. It's hard to choose, definitely! Might be worth a trip into Mecca to try a few on ;) Thanks so much! X

  4. Eeep! You have some cult favourites there! I only have their radiant creamy concealer and it's quite nice. I tried the Sheer Glow last year and not liked it but I went back to Mecca yesterday and the lady told me to use my fingers to apply the foundation. I got a new sample and today I tried it out again and got much better results! If I was more of lip product lover, I would love to try some Satin lip pencils and Audacious lippies.

    xox Kat @ Katness

  5. I sound like the only person who doesn't have the creamy concealer, ah! It's funny how different the Nars foundations are when using brushes as compared to fingers! I quite like it but sometimes a brush is just easier and quicker. Those Audacious lippies do look stunning! X