I love skincare and taking care of my skin using beautiful products. At my age, I think it's important to look after what I have because I don't want to age and regret not taking care of my skin earlier. People are always seeing your face, and I think it's really lovely to show that you take good care of yourself and your skin. Sometimes, the world of skincare is overwhelming, but brands like Dermalogica are working hard to make sure you have the help that you need when choosing products for you. 

Face Mapping is one of the services that Dermalogica offer and this allows a professional skin therapist to have a close look at your entire face and addressing any concerns you may have. I recently got to try out Dermalogica Face Mapping, and in short, I loved it.

Dermalogica divvy your face up into different zones, which they then systematically examine under a bright white light and some glasses. It's a little nerve-wracking having someone up so close, but it's all for the better! My lovely skin therapist Lisa let me know some of the issues I had with my skin after having a chat to me about my own concerns. She was very thorough in removing all of my makeup and cleansing my skin perfectly using products I already love. 

My skin:
  • Relatively healthy, firm and smooth to touch
  • Some dehydration on the upper cheeks
  • Dark area surrounding the eyes
  • Pigmentation around the edges of the forehead & freckling on the nose
  • Some blackheads through the nose and chin

I knew that I had some dehydration and some blackheads, but I had no idea about the sun damage and pigmentation around my forehead. I do tend to get a bit lazy as the weather cools down, and I neglect SPF on my face during the day. Lisa was more than happy to answer all my questions regarding SPF, but also to tell me that further sun damage could lead to premature ageing of my skin. She said the amount of damage for my age wasn't great, and I'm so glad I discovered this now. 

A beautiful facial treatment followed the Face Mapping, using products tailored to my skin type. I wanted some of my 'glow' restored, so she focused the products around hydrating my skin, smoothing it and leaving it bright again. Following this, Lisa filled out a prescription for me and my skin and then we had a chat about each of the products and why they might benefit me. 

Overall, I was in awe of the fantastic knowledge that Lisa showed. She knew the products in depth and could tell me exactly what they would do for my skin, and she was right! All of my concerns were addressed, and the problems that Lisa found she also got to work on straight away. All of my questions were answered thoroughly (and with diagrams!). She was happy to work with me on any products I already had, as well as adding some newbies into my routine to improve the condition of my skin and keep it looking fresh.

In the days following the skin treatment, I experienced my best skin ever. It is hydrated and glowing, incredibly clear and very smooth. I couldn't bear to wear foundation because I really just didn't need it. Over the weekend I wore foundation on one day, and found it just glided onto my skin and looked flawless.

I've been going bare-faced and loving it!

Overall, I would highly recommend Dermalogica Face Mapping for all ages. It's a wonderful tool that gives you some insight into what your skin is doing - and you might be thankful for finding out earlier rather than later. Face Mapping is actually free of charge, so check out the website for more information. The products prescribed to you are recommended and you can purchase them, but there is no obligation. Dermalogica products are stocked at Endota spas, as well as online.

My skin looks and feels so much better following my Face Mapping and skin treatment - I was a little surprised at how great the results were, given that I have never had a facial before and was feeling a little skeptical. Highly recommend!

Let me know if you've tried Face Mapping before! Or are you addicted to Dermalogica like me?

*Products in this post may have been provided for consideration. Honesty as usual. 

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