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28 January 2016

Clinique Superdefense SPF15 Daily Moisturiser

I'm pretty fussy with moisturisers that go on my face, particularly those that go on during the day time. My skin can get quite shiny during the day, especially when wearing makeup and it is also quite breakout prone. My daily moisturisers ideally contain SPF (that way I don't need an additional sunscreen), are fragrance-free, hydrating but non-greasy.


12 January 2016

Nibble Bath Treats for a Relaxing Summer Soak

I know I love a good bath in winter, but how many people would routinely have a bath through summer? Before I was lucky enough to have a pool at my house, I would use the bath as a means of cooling off and reducing body temperature, while still enjoying a relaxing soak. Some of the prettiest bath products have come in handy this season for losing myself in the scent and colour! Nibble Bath Treats is an Aussie owned company that sell beautiful products designed for bath and body. 


11 January 2016

2015 in Beauty

So excited that the new year is upon us! A new year always brings new challenges and goals, and new beauty finds! Last year was the year of earning money.. and spending it again. I discovered a lot of new beauty faves and found some real winners that I know will stay stocked in my cupboard for many more years. Without further ado... my 2015 faves!

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