So excited that the new year is upon us! A new year always brings new challenges and goals, and new beauty finds! Last year was the year of earning money.. and spending it again. I discovered a lot of new beauty faves and found some real winners that I know will stay stocked in my cupboard for many more years. Without further ado... my 2015 faves!

Without a doubt, Dermalogica is the real winner. I was so lucky to try an enormous range of their products this year and my skin has never been in better condition. From the Clear Start range which caters to my hormonal and breakout-prone skin, to the AgeSmart range which offers beautiful silky smooth results for dehydrated and rough skin. I've enjoyed a range of products, but most of all have been loving the Soothing Eye Makeup Remover, Daily Microfoliant and the Clear Start Night Time Treatment. My skin is smoother and more consistent in texture, I only experience breakouts very occasionally, and I'm really happy with my skin hydration. I used to experience breakouts from very dehydrated skin but no such problems anymore! 

Finally this coveted brand arrived in Australia, and let me tell you, it's worth every single cent. The eyeshadows are intensely pigmented, long-lasting and stunning, while other products like the Perversion mascara and Naked lipglosses are also of great quality. Their base offerings in the Naked foundation and concealers are a definite fave discovery of mine, with both products giving excellent coverage with a very lightweight feel. The All-Nighter Setting Spray also worked its way into my collection, and it's a real everyday must-have.

One of those brands that I just happened to buy a lot of this year. I branched out my collection into the Sheer Glow foundation, Luminous Weightless liquid and powder foundations, more blushes, Albatross highlight and some lipsticks. Nars will rarely fail to deliver, and while the prices are a cut above the rest, the quality certainly speaks for itself. The products are generous, take a long time to use up, and Mr. Nars seems to have perfected the formulas of... well everything. The lipsticks are pigmented, creamy and never drying, and foundations remain glowy, natural and never cakey. The blushes are some of the longest lasting I've tried and while I didn't like the Audacious mascara (yet) I have no doubt that many other products will also deliver the goods to beauty lovers around the world.

Probably my favourite fragrance of the year would have to be Gypsy Water by Byredo. Picked up on a whim at Mecca after finishing my first week of full-time work in 2015, this quickly became a staple in my collection. The peppery, vibrant citrusy scent is not overwhelming and isn't too girly, but still offers an ethereal whiff. Not something I'd usually go for but so far, I've been addicted. 

I discovered my favourite razor of all time in 2015... the Schick Intuition! These razor heads are surrounded by a soapy cushion that deposits a creamy lather on the skin while removing the hair, so the razor glides easily and the soapy substance actually provides good hydration to the skin. These come in a few different scents and types, with some formulas being more hydrating than others. I love the bulky design of the razor handle and the easy in-shower hook.

I've always been a keen tanner, but this was the first year I'd tried Loving Tan after seeing it all over Instagram. The tan is beyond dark but somehow remains super natural and very easy to apply, with a quick-drying formula that develops very evenly. I like the original 8-hour formula in Ultra Dark, but found myself also using the 2-hour express formula in Dark just to get the tan developing a bit faster. The results are always great with this tan so I always stock up when it's on sale!

Thanks for reading! What was your ultimate product from 2015?

*Products in this post may have been provided for consideration. Honesty as usual. 

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