I'm pretty fussy with moisturisers that go on my face, particularly those that go on during the day time. My skin can get quite shiny during the day, especially when wearing makeup and it is also quite breakout prone. My daily moisturisers ideally contain SPF (that way I don't need an additional sunscreen), are fragrance-free, hydrating but non-greasy.

Luckily for me, Active Skin came up with the perfect solution! The Clinique Superdefense SPF15 Daily Defense Moisturiser has somehow managed to fulfil all my wishes in one pot. This moisturiser is a beautiful lightweight formula that feels creamy and hydrating yet still breathable and refreshing on the skin. I apply this each morning after cleansing, and I am comfortable in the fact that my skin will be hydrated all day long, protected with SPF from UVA and UVB rays, and also helps repair damaged skin and protect with antioxidants. In true Clinique style, the moisturiser also comes in two formulas; one for type 1-2 skin (dry) and one for type 3-4 skin (combo/oily).

After using this product consistently for roughly seven weeks, I have noticed big improvements in my skin. Overall, my skin is producing far less oil than previously. Usually by the afternoons my forehead is relatively slick, but I've now avoided that altogether by using this moisturiser as it seems to provide all the hydration my skin needs.

You can pick up this lovely moisturiser, or a sample at any Clinique counters, and also online from Active Skin for around the $70 mark. After consistent daily use for 7 weeks, I'm not even halfway through the huge pot! If you have hygiene issues with using a jar, I suggest avoiding this product or using a clean spatula each time. is a fantastic one-stop shop for all your beauty needs. They stock heaps of brands including Clinique, Dermalogica, Becca, Lanolips and Burt's Bees (just to name a few!). I hadn't heard of them before but after discovering this store, I know I will be back to browse and buy again!

What do you like to see in your everyday moisturiser?

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