I know I love a good bath in winter, but how many people would routinely have a bath through summer? Before I was lucky enough to have a pool at my house, I would use the bath as a means of cooling off and reducing body temperature, while still enjoying a relaxing soak. Some of the prettiest bath products have come in handy this season for losing myself in the scent and colour! Nibble Bath Treats is an Aussie owned company that sell beautiful products designed for bath and body. 

No. These are not edible. Yes. I nearly tried to eat them. The Bath Truffle Gift Box is the cutest 'box of chocolates', containing 4 pretty bath melts that fill your bath with a beautiful scent and nourishing oils. Usually I would add these to very hot water but given the season, I've been trying them out with just warm/lukewarm water, enough to melt the truffles but without being an unpleasant temperature. There are 4 delicious choices; Gingersnap, Choc Mint, Chai or Lychee Red Tea (Lychee Red Tea happens to be my fave!) You could also use these in a smaller tub as a relaxing foot soak.

Another delicious offering from Nibble Bath Treats is their coffee scrubs. There are 3 different flavours; Mocha, Warm Vanilla Latte and Honey. Warm Vanilla Latte is a real winner because the coffee scent isn't too overpowering with the added vanilla scents. These scrubs contain ground coffee and organic raw sugar for exfoliating, while adding moisture with coconut oil and vitamin E oil. Scrubbing always leaves my skin soft, smooth, feeling energised and smelling yummy. Perfect for a pampering evening. 

You can purchase other Nibble Bath Treats like their bath bombs and body butters via Etsy, and you'll find the Bath Truffle Gift Box at $11 and the Coffee Body Scrub for $15.50. Nibble Bath Treats are made to order in Melbourne. 

What's your fave product for a relaxing summer evening?

*Products in this post may have been provided for consideration. Honesty as usual. 

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