As you will know if you read my blog often, I adore skincare! It's so important what we use on our skin because it can really make a difference to how we look and feel about ourselves, as well as affecting the base for makeup. As the seasons change my skin has a mind of its own and I usually have to turn to more hydrating products to keep my skin balanced and in check. I've been trialling the Boots Laboratories Optiva range for just over two weeks in an effort to create a hydration barrier and keep my skin looking fresh and glowy. Check out how the trial went!

My skin at the moments leans from normal to combination, and I get oily patches on my forehead and around my nose. Sometimes my skin feels dehydrated too, so I rely on my skincare for hydration without greasiness. The Boots Laboratories Optiva range seems an ideal fit because it's all about providing intense hydration to strengthen the skin's moisture barriers. I trialled the products for over two weeks, using the range morning and night. 

The Skin Balancing Cleanser is first cab off the rank, ideal for taking the day off and cleansing the skin. It takes off makeup very well, but I always double cleanse to remove makeup and then to clean the skin. This is designed to be removed with cotton pads, but I do prefer to rinse with water as it leaves a residue. Perfect for super dry and sensitive skin! This is probably my least fave formula from the range, and I think the Foaming Wash may be a better option for me. The next step is the Radiance Refresh Tonic, a soothing and refreshing toner that leaves my skin feeling clean but somehow adding hydration without feeling sticky.

My favourite part of a skincare routine? Serum. The Aqua Capture Serum is a featherlight formula that is deeply absorbed into the skin to give optimal hydration. This one feels so lovely on the skin and sinks in super quickly. The serum is even proven to improve the skin within 2 weeks. After applying this, I then use the Daily Protecting Cream or Nourishing Night Cream, depending on the time of day! The day cream is a very light but hydrating formula, perfect for combination skin. It contains SPF and while it does feel light on the skin I didn't really think that it sat well underneath my makeup unless I applied it long before makeup. The night cream was definitely a top pick, quickly becoming my favourite to apply. The cream is hydrating without being oily, leaves my skin feeling smooth, calm and super plump by the morning. 

After the two week period, my skin feels super smooth and shows no signs of dehydration. This range offered me complete skincare, and the only other product I used was an eye cream (you can also purchase the Radiance Boosting Eye Balm). As well as looking clear and much smoother, my skin is also a little more glowy and this has left me feeling more confident about wearing a sheer foundation or none at all. 

I definitely love what I have tried from the Optiva range, and can safely say that within 2 weeks I was able to see improvements in the condition of my skin. For under $25 per product, I'd say it's a great way to try something new and incorporate different products into your routine. 
Would you give these products a try?

You can purchase Boots Laboratories products like the Optiva range at Amcal, Amcal Max & Guardian Pharmacies.

*Products in this post may have been provided for consideration. Honesty as usual. 

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