If you've read my blog before you will know, I use a lot of fake tan! I trial lots of brands and formulas, but a much rarer find is a product that removes tan with ease. I've never really known of any products that remove fake tan, so when the opportunity to try Antheia came up, I knew I had to take it. Typically I remove my fake tan with a long soak in the bath and a rough scrub with an exfoliating mitt or face-cloth. This isn't always ideal as it can be harsh on my skin and requires loads of moisturising afterwards. This also means I can't tan again immediately, usually I need to wait a day or two.

Antheia is a revolutionary kit that provides a natural means of removing fake tan. This includes removing old tan, bad tan or even just lightening a tan that's too dark. The blend of ingredients works to effectively dissolve the fake tan pigments on the skin. 

The kit contains a few items; the liquid remover base, powder remover, spray bottle and a muslin cloth. To use the remover, you fill the spray bottle to the line with liquid, add a powder sachet and shake. Spray on the skin, leave for a few minutes and wipe away using the muslin cloth.

I tested this on some particularly stubborn areas of old patchy tan around my ankles. Spraying the formula onto the skin doesn't cause any irritation at all which I was pleasantly surprise with. After leaving the solution sit on the skin for a few minutes, I found that I needed to re-apply once more to get all of the tan off using the muslin cloth. Overall, I was really impressed with the effectiveness of the product. It states on the kit that there are 3 full-body removals. I have yet to try a full-body removal (mostly because it's winter and I've only been tanning ankles & arms!). 

I really like this kit as the ingredients aren't harsh, and the kit contains everything you need for removal. You can pick up a kit for $29 online at (yes you can choose AfterPay and overnight shipping here!), or even subscribe for 6 or 12 months to renew your supply each month via Antheia. With up to 3 removals in each kit, one per month should be a good amount!

Do you have any tried and tested ways of removing your old tan?

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