Foreo Luna Mini review by the weekend wild

Cleansing has always been the most important part of my routine. My skin has changed a lot over the years, going from acne-prone to oil slick, back to dehydrated and oily, and it's now settled somewhere in the normal/combination zone. I clean my skin morning and night religiously, switching up products to suit my needs as the seasons change. 

I've always stared adoringly at products like the Clarisonic, promising to clean your skin deep down, taking away all impurities and makeup and promising a life of clear skin. I'm not sure how necessary these products are, but after years of waiting and finding a good sale on the Foreo Luna Mini, I decided to take a shot at the sonic cleansing device.

Foreo Luna Mini review by the weekend wild

Foreo Luna Mini review by the weekend wild

Overall, it's been super easy to incorporate into my routine. My skin can be kind of needy so I only use it once a day (generally nighttime). I apply cleanser to my face, wet the Luna Mini & buzz away. The Luna Mini (there has since been a version 2 release) has two speed settings, and it buzzes away for 15 seconds before reminding you to move on to the next area of your face. It is on for 60 seconds altogether before again reminding you that you're done. 

The silicone bristles feel gentle on the skin and the vibration doesn't feel abrasive. My skin feels incredibly clean after using the Foreo, and there is never any makeup residue left on my skin. The device also removes dead skin cells and makes for a brighter complexion. 

I don't think that having a sonic cleansing device is "necessary" but it can certainly help with cleansing thoroughly and improving the texture of your skin. My skin is smoother and overall I do think it is much cleaner and brighter. It won't solve all your skin problems, but you might just love it like I do! Foreo make a huge range of devices are are now widely available at Sephora, Shaver Shop & Myer and some online retailers. 

Have you tried a sonic cleansing device? Want or need?

Bec xx

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